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SAS will come up with a first draft of the relay composition by the end of May 2018. This overview will be sent to all athletes for approval and for individual remarks.

The final layout of all SAS relays have to be reviewed and approved by Swiss Swimming before closure of registration. This approval then will go to the organizing comitee of the European Masters Championships in Slovenia.

SAS will register and pay for all relays (only relays). Therefore, swimmers don't have to register any SAS relays via the registration portal.

Layout and registration of SAS relays follow the adjacent rules and guidelines (SAS-Policy):

Registration guidelines (SAS policy):

1. Prior to the championships declared relay setups will be – as far as possible – respected.

2. International competitiveness. (AGE & SPEED)

3. Each teammember shall get the possibility to swim – number of swimmers provided – at least one relay.

4. Relays will be swum according to planning. On-site adjustments of relay setups are not carried out. Exceptions are sickness or injury.

5. Decision-making persons on-site are:
- Team captain (SAS or FSN), or
- SAS board member(s), or
- an assigned SAS teammember