Do I have to comply with any standard times in order to join
SAS' relays in Slovenia? No – only for your individual races the European Masters Championships 2018 STANDARD TIMES are applied.

Can I swim relays with my hometeam mates in Slovenia under the flag of SAS? Yes – the SAS Policy for registering relays allows pre-announced relay-settings. Requirement is that all four athletes are registered with SAS (see as well the SAS-Policy here).

Will SAS book travel and accomodation for my trip to Budapest? No – all bookings have to be organized by the athletes on an individual basis.

Will SAS register my individual races too for Budapest? No – all registrations for individual races have to be executed by the athlete him/herself by using the official online registration platform.

Can I swim relays with SAS and individual races under the name of my home club in Slovenia? No – with your registration for SAS and its relays, all individual races will be, according to regulations, logged as well under the name of SAS.

Does my registration with SAS guarantee that I can participate in relay competitions in Slovenia? No – this is subject to the number of female and male swimmers which have registered with SAS. The larger the squad, the bigger the chance that everybody will swim in, at least, one relay.

When can I register for my individual races in Slovenia? The registering platform of the European Masters Championships 2018 will open on 15 January 2018.

Do I have to register my individual races under the name of my home club? No – if you intend to swim with SAS in London you have to register all your individual races under the name of SAS (SWISS ALUMNI SWIMMING, KILLWANGEN/SWITZERLAND).

If this is not provided, your participation in SAS relays is not possible.

Do I have to register as well my relay races? No – SAS will take care of this task.